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Posted by is official BURGER KING SURVEY portal. BK survey allows customers and users to give customer experience feedback through Burger King free whopper survey. The survey offers Free WHOPPER sandwich or Original Chicken Sandwich.

Burger King Free Whopper Survey demands proper customer experience feedback reviews and complaints from the users and offers the free BK validation/coupon code for a free Whopper.

It is necessary to complete the survey successfully. Now, if you have gone to the restaurant currently then you must refer the post here. This post will help you from taking the survey to get free Burger King coupon codes.


The main intention of the Mybkexperience Survey is to provide more comfortable services and convenience to the users. BK Feedback survey allows the company corporate to check their customer’s satisfaction at the restaurant outlets.



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Burger King Survey Rewards


The survey offers free Whopper or Chicken sandwich validation code or coupon code on completing the survey successfully. Users have to visit the restaurant outlet again in order to redeem the validation code for the free whopper or chicken sandwich. Get the free Whopper here on taking the survey.

The survey includes basic rating issues and prospects which concern customer satisfaction at the restaurants. Food quality, comparable price, overall guest experience satisfaction, staff employees behaviour, order exactness, purchasing easiness and payments reliability etc. are the concerns which are discussed in the survey.

Burger King Free Whopper Survey

Burger King Free Whopper Survey Requirements & Terms

🍔 Requirements to enter the Burger King customer survey

  • Visit receipt from any BK restaurant store.
  • An internet-connected device like PC, mobile etc.
  • Understanding of English, Spanish or French language.

🍔 Users have to take the survey within the limited period of time after visiting the restaurant.

🍔 Only one survey is offered per visit receipt.

🍔 Visit the restaurant again within 30 days after receiving the BK survey validation code.

Quick Guide to take MyBKExperience Survey

  • Enter the official survey site at (Click here and you will be at a survey site in new tab)
  • Enter the restaurant number located on your receipt and click next.
  • Now enter the survey code which is written on your receipt.
  • Users will be on the official survey feedback page now. You will need to answer questions appropriately here.
  • Soon, you will be on the survey reward page. Users will get the validation code notification here.

Burger King Free Whopper Survey Code

  • Note the validation code very carefully on any side of the receipt.
  • Now, visit the restaurant store again within the limited time as shown above and get your free Whopper or Chicken sandwich.


It is really necessary to bring the Burger King Survey code receipt. Then and then you can get Burger King Free Whopper. Do not forget to take receipt of your purchase when you visit any store, restaurant or pharmacy in future.We can help you win free food, free gifts and numbers of cash sweepstake entries. For more info, visit official site now.


  1. customer at BK#6376 Arlington Road, Green Ohio. Several times I have been Greeted as “HON” at the drive thru. I am a regular (or was a regular until this morning). I will not be visiting this BK any longer. 4 out of 5 days I visit BK in the morning-this week has been terrible. The young girl at the drive thru is rude, does not put cream in the coffee or in the bag half of the time, refers to me as “HON” , and does not know how to apologize to customers when she makes an error. Clearly was charged for 2 meals with MEDIUM HASH BROWNS and MEDIUM COFFES WITH CREAM and was served SMALL HASHBROWNS AND NO COFFEE CREAMERS IN THE BAG. As I saw her place the small hash browns in the bag, I asked her if they were medium and she presented an attitude. Took the bag, removed a sandwich, and small hash browns with attitude and then placed medium hash browns in bag, PLACING A HEAVY SANDWICH ON TOP of the entire meals.NO apology was given… manager was working the grill area and asked her what was wrong and she said – “she needed to go home”. For the reasons above, I WILL NOT RETURN TO THIS BURGER KING. POOR MANAGEMENT THIS MORNING!!! As a manager of Fast food for many years, I cannot imagine a loyal customer being treated this way. order # 248702- employee # 392544 Kaycee. BTW “HON” is very degrading to someone who is very much older than the person who is preparing your meal.

    1. I think you probably should take an online survey, give a feedback, reviews or complaint them before taking the decision.

  2. my wife and i had a good meal with good service. their computer was not working so we had to pay cash instead of our credit card. we will be back again and again.

  3. I visited the Burger King at 9220 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA 19114 yesterday around 6 pm. Although the person who requested my order over the intercom was female, when I pulled up to the window it was a rather grumpy male who waited on me. I was under the impression that it was the manager. My purchase was $10 and I received the typical “free Whopper” offer on the receipt. When I went to the website today, the message I received was that their data collection for this period was concluded. Never saw that before.
    It is these little perks that entice me to eat at Burger King. The food is comparable to other fast food restaurants. Guess I won’t be going to this one anymore.

  4. Why is it that of all the whopper I have had in my life, NOT a single one looks like the picture in your add?
    Even even after I complained about this fact to the store manager , he immediately turned around and made up a Whopper which failed the test!
    It is sad to see a manager try to make a Whopper and come up short!
    My expectation every time I decide to have a Whopper is to have the same poor experience!
    Isn’t there something that upper management can do to correct this anomaly? one can almost suspect that this behavior could be perceived as consumer purposeful deception ? At least try to meat (sic) the target pictured!

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